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2014 Workshop Schedule



Meditation Intensive


This is a one-day workshop for those who wish dedicate a day to deep meditation and to explore various levels of consciousness.

We begin with deep relaxation and practice in centeredness, then move into both guided and self-guided meditations.


  Cosmic Core-Light (1 day)


Take the next step in evolving yourself to become more self-empowered and ready for what is to come - the New Human.

This workshop includes special meditations and healing sessions for cleansing & preparing your Light-Body and igniting your Core Light/Being into the next level.

Connect to the stars and galaxies as you evolve and merge using your activated Cosmic Heart.



Other Lives (1 Day Intensive)

Using Hemi-Sync, you will work with the states of Focus 10 (Body Asleep/Mind Awake), Focus 12 (Expanded Awareness) and into Focus 15 (No Time).

Past & Future lives exploration; reshaping your sense of self and its totality; guidance & healing across Space/Time.

Free CD "Exploring Other Lives"; Attendees also get discounts on Hemi-Sync CD Titles.




Remote Viewing/Sensing Series

In this series you will be introduced to the concepts and various methods of RemoteViewing (commonly known method for a "Psychic Spy") or Remote Sensing; learn and experience how your perceptions can go beyond distance and even time. Learn how your right-brain 'language' can be translated for enhanced clarity of psychic-visionary and journey-work information.

Remote Viewing - 1 (Intro.)


Remote Viewing - 2 (Intermediate)