Dimensional Etherics

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Dimensional Interface - Concepts Primer - part 1

Dimensional representation can be performed by using the elemental solids (i.e. cubes, tetrahedron, etc) and numbers (base number sytems).
The familiar base10 and its 3 layers of digits (1's,10's,100's) utilizes 27 ordinal numbers to represent the total spectrum. 0 is the reference point - the all/nothing zone (i.e the “Null” zone all time/space). The "nines" (as far as base 10 goes it is 9) are a building/ratio function for all the integers, similar to a 0 it represents a multiple (i.e. 5*10=50, 50=5+(5*9)). So in effect any base number has this relation to it's "nine" (n-1), symbolic of completion of a cycle.

Energies - The basic premise is there are actually 3. A "positive", "negative", "neutral" concept. With only a duality (+,-) there is only a "tug of war" and nothing but tension results - a third element brings creation, and energy/action. This is represented here by labels such as "+/white/out/future/α", "-/black/in/past/ω", 0/gray/at/present/μ". The effect is a sine wave in 3d (Infinity/mobius loop).
Everything in nature (microcosm to the macrocosm... i.e. galaxies, orbits etc) is cyclic. Energy in motion is represented in this dimension as Time. The actual result of the three energy phases (+,-,0) and time is 8 (Infinity symbol) - this in turn is in motion. If you think about it everything from energy to life experience itself and beyond is a rhythm of this motion; from birth/life/death (and again...) to action/experience/re-action.

Mixing all these components together brings a method of representing etheric energy and dimensions. Each dimension is just an extra layer of an "attribute" than a previous one. With each number base comes another number (or symbol) to describe a function or quality - this in effect describes another dimension. A base number 2 [b2] has only 0 and 1 this would be a very limited expression (yes,no; action,no action...), however base 5 [b5] would contain more qualities, hence a larger 'vocabulary'. Some dimensional relations work better in some models than others and some (i.e. cubics) have a specific relationship to others. This relationship or ratio correspondence is what allows for dimensional interfacing (where at some point dimensions can intersect).

A function of such a base number system and frequency can be noted in ancient systems such as Sumerian (base60), Mayan (base20), Semetic (base22). That these cultures may have extra-dimensional access, or used other energies (ultrasonics/anti-gravity) to perform their works illustrates the possibilities. Note that other cultures had a number/symbolic/language systems, not like today's western usage where number and symbolism doesn't exist (i.e. "G" or the 3rd ordinal is now "C", J was really I, W/U/V etc...). It may come to be that due to the computer language integration we may move from base10 to base16 (hexadecimal).


Since numbering systems (and therefore vibrational frequencies) are "relative" then a correlation between their equivalent must be found (...you must think beyond base 10 here. An example of “relative” numbering is say 227 which maybe "227" in base 10 but is represented as 1.6.11 in base 12; so each “digit” would represent an aspect or function in its relative base number system (especially for larger base numbers - hence now the “language” to describe its dimensional properties). Some base number and cubic systems interface each other at certain steps; certain numbers more than others serve as key points. For the example above an "interface" point would be "546". 546=227+319 : 227=2.2.7. [b10] + 319=2.2.7. [b12]. Or in reverse, if the interface was to be 227 then it would break down to (using the same examples of base10, base12): 10.3:5 (103.5 [b10])and 10.3:5 [b12] (123.5).

Cube number functions.


Grid matrix for Dimensional representation of number as thought-energy/symbol.


Example: Cube base 7
 2D matrix/'seferoth' base 7
Center - Space/Time Interface Portal Center Ratios base 7


Cube (Q) to Sphere (S) Dimensional Interface relationship.


Once these concepts are applied to energy structures and etherian geometrics the possibilities range from atomic restructuring of elements, to time/space travel (most likely dimensional travel), or as referred here as Dimensional Interfacing.

The Cube and Octahedron are inversions or symmetries of each other, as is a Icosahedron to a Dodecahedron. Only the Tetrahedron is an inversion of itself and hence was considered unique and as the basic/primal shape of the platonic solids.

Tetrahedron Symmetry


e.g. past/future lives/consciounsess constructural evolution.


Access to a dimensional portal (here shown as a cube, but can translate to a tetrahedron) is relavent to the levels (e.g. frequencies or base number systems) and the quantum state of the portal point.


Cubic coordinates translated to the Tetrahedron.


Once entered then there is a type of transformation/transportation into that realm of experience or consciousness.

The "Realm or Theater of Creation" dimension as a Cube.




Cube Table

Quantum States

Mapping the Realms

Guide to Being Timeless