Unify Self Affirmation

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Unify Self Affirmation – (Trinity version)

I Am Present in Heart
I Am at Peace
I Am my Highest Self
I Am Blessed
I Am Blessing
I Am Grateful
I Am Healed
I Am Light, Love and Strength
I Am Unity in Being
I Am, I Am That, I Am That Is…

We are Present in Heart
We are at Peace
We are our Highest Self
We are Blessed
We are Blessing
We are Grateful
We are Healed
We are Light, Love and Strength
We are Unity in Being
We are, We are That, We are That Is…

All is Present in Heart
All is at Peace
All is its Highest Self
All is Blessed
All is Blessing
All is Grateful
All is Healed
All is Light, Love and Strength
All is Unity in Being
All is, All is That, All is That Is…