Om Ah Hum meditation

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Om Ah Hum - The 3 Aspect Purification Meditation

A Mantra of Blessing

  1. Begin at the Crown Chakra, at the top of your head. Chant the sound Om [] while imagining the color white (like stars or clouds) extending down your spine; this purifies the body and deeds.
  2. From your Throat Chakra. Chant the sound Ah [] - imagine the color red (like a Sun set or rise) extending out from your throat; this purifies your speech and words.
  3. From your Heart Chakra. Chant the sound Hum [] - imagine the color blue (like the Sky or Moon) grow and extend from your heart space; this purifies your mind and thoughts.

Repeat the above, chanting by yourself or using a supporting soundtrack (OAHx108).




Lama Yeshe - Om Ah Hum Meditation