Breathing in the Light

Last Updated (Wednesday, 29 April 2015 20:04)


Breathing in the Light

A meditation guide to infusing all levels of the body and energy fields with enhanced, refined light-energy.


  1. From a point of stillness, focus on a full, easy slow breathing pattern. Spend some time with the process, feeling the breath cycle.

  2. Visualize whatever specific color (usually white, blue-white, violet, or gold-white) envelope around you. Once you build it stronger and fully surrounding you – begin breathing it in.

  3. Feel it enter the nostrils and fill your lungs – at this stage let it spread out into the rest of your body. Imagine every cell infused with the color of the light.

  4. Visualize with the intention that it is enhancing your energy, body, DNA, spirit etc.


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