Experience-based Movies

Last Updated (Saturday, 19 January 2013 08:29)


Movies that entail a life changing/altering in oneself and belief systems by direct experience.

  Contact  - Dr. Arroway  has life changing event, but is personaly subjective since it was a direct experience and cannot be 'explained'.

  Avatar - Jake Sully can only understand the Navi by actually becoming one.

  The Matrix - Neo has to be shown to understand 'reality' vs the matrix 'illusion'.

  Brainstorm - Experience of other's is gained by the device; Hal has realization only after experience.

  Altered States - Dr. Jessup involves himself directly into his experiments.

  Hereafter - Reporter has an NDE, then her life and preception of it is changed.

  Pentagon Papers - Although not a Sci-Fi film, it is Dr. Ellsberg direct experience in Vietnam that propels him into a 180° change in his beliefs.


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