Ark of the Sphinx

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Recent research has pointed to the age of the Sphinx as being much older than assumed (weathering patterns, archeo-astronomical alignments, probable resculpturing over the ages).

The alignment of the Sun at the Horizon at the age of Leo and the Sphinx as marker and representation of the constellation Leo circa 10,500 BC is telling; both symbolically (alignment) and geologically (post-ice age).

A recent supposition that the Sphinx originally represented the god Anubis and not a lion/Leo invites more intrigue. It may be possible that both are accurate - at some point in time - maybe more than one reshaping of the head has occurred.


The implication that there is/has been a secret tunnel or chamber - Hall of Records (i.e. Edgar Cayce) - beneath the Sphinx has possibilities if the Sphinx is a representation of Anubis.

The original ark in Egypt was that of Anubis on top of the ark/chest. That Moses went out with some Egyptian knowledge and arts would not be out of line; the Ark of the Covenant (Aaron-Ha-Qodesh) is recreation of the Anubis ark. Note: Moses (MSS) vs Ramses (RA-MSS).


If the Sphinx is Anubis then there could be an 'ark' below. The chamber is said to contain remnant artifacts and or records from anti-deluval times (Atlantis, re: 10,500 BC). That the Ark of the Covenant was to contain objects as well (tablets, manna or sacred oil, branch of tree of life, etc.) then we should find objects in the Ark of the Sphinx (chamber or Hall of Records). As there were the Emerald Tablets (Hermes/Thoth), the 10 Commandments original tablets are purported to have been saphirre-blue stone or crystal, not clay.

There is precedent of sites having more underground: Giza plateau and subterranean tunnels, as Chichen Itza has more structure underground,etc.

Anubis: guide of the underworld
prepares Osiris
Pyramid Chamber:
(transformation/Star alignment)
Osiris on the Ark:
Ark of the Million Years/Eternity


The Ark as a transformative object itself is key: gold and wood layers make it an electrical capacitor or Orgone energy accumluator. That the Pyramid "Kings Chamber" sarcophagus has the dimensions of the Ark, as well as a ritual function, not a literal coffin, makes it an energetic device.

The contents of the Ark of the Sphinx may as well be transformative - for the individual as well as human kind.