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Transference of Consciousness

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Path of the 6 Dharmas or Yogas of Naropa and the 5 Transferences

These stages or progressions of practices (aka yogas) bring of out of successive phases into the final state of Bliss as a fully conscious unattached being. The final stage is similar to the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) in reaching the Buddha state or the Pure Realm. The Tibetan practice of Phowa (Pho-Ba) is the directed transference of consciousness into this state – there being two applications of it: 1) self-directed, out of the crown 2) assisted – directing another into it. Additionally, Dzogchen has two operations at the state of Phowa (diagramed below): 1) Transference into the Sphere of Clear Light 2) Transference via riding subtle energy.

List of the Dharma/Yogas and some comparisons to other cultures similar attributes:

1. Inner-heat (གཏུམ་མོ་ / Gtum-mo/Tummo): Focus and generation of energy primarily from the solar plexus and below. Similar to Sekhem (Egypt.) or Vörðr (Nord.); Pranamaya (Hindu Kosha/layer) Energy/Breath; Fire.

2. Pure Illusory Body (སྒྱུ་ལུས་ / Sgyu-lus/Gyu-lu): Realization of the illusory nature of the body and physical realm. Similar to KA or Khat (Egypt.) or Lik/Hamr (Nord.); Annamaya (Hindu) Physical); Earth.

3. Clear Light (འོད་གསལ་ / Od-Gsal): The state of pure/clearness of thought/vision. The realm of clear light. Similar to AHK (Egypt.); Manomaya (Hindu) Mind; Water. Also in Kabbalah one of the three ‘hidden’ lights of the infinite is the Aur Metzuchtzach (Clear Light).

4. Dream state (རྨི་ལམ་ / Rmi-Lam/Mi-lam): The dream realm or astral/non-physical mental states. Similar to Shuet (Egypt.) or Sal/Hamr/Hugr (Nord.); Vijnamaya (Hindu) Wisdom; Air.

5. Intermediate (བར་དོ / Bar-Do/Bardo): The intermediate realms – in-between states. Connections to past and future lives. Similar to BA (Egypt.) or Minni (Nord.)

6. Transference (འཕོ་བ་ / Pho-Ba/Phowa): The directed transference of consciousness at death into the pure realm or Buddha field. Similar to AKH (Egypt.) or Önd (Nord.); Anandamaya (Hindu) Bliss; Ether.


Aspects of the thought/mind or memory Hugr/Minni (Nord.) and relation to a name or named object Ren (Egypt.), Ek (Nord.) are sometimes listed. As far as the Tibetan these aspects play a part in some of the states – but primarily in the Tibetan philosophy the thoughts are to be controlled and the state of pure/clear mind is the method to reach the intended goal of the Pure Realm/Nirvana existence.

Another similarity, but not always using the same aspects, is the combining of states into a more advanced one: KA + BA >> AKH; Illusory Body + Dream state >> Bardo; Illusory Body + Clear Light >> Dream state.


The Five Transferences:

1. Freedom (beyond the illusion, focus and fixations)

2. Unity (beyond seperation, Monad)

3. Training (practice and mastery in the dream and astral states; this is the precursor to the transference at death)

4. Blessing (gift and gifting)

5. Pure Realm (enter bliss, Buddha state).


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