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The Nine Blessings

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The Nine Blessings

התשׂע ברוכים

For requesting blessings from the source in personal evolution using gateways to transformation.


1 (א) – I call for the blessings from the source of all that is.

2 (ב) – Bless all beings for protection, health, and wisdom.

3 (ג) – Redeem all my actions and thoughts and grant that I be under the guidance of divine blessings.

4 (ד) – I request passage through the door of heaven with holy blessings and gratitude.

5 (ה) – I call upon the light of the source to fill me with the light of the divine.

6 (ו) – I ask for the blessing of the connection of the human with the divine; earth and heaven.

7 (ז) – With a peaceful heart grant the blessing of universal freedom and liberation for all sentient beings.

8 (ח) – Grant the blessing of life force from the infinite source to become infinite spirit.

9 (ט) – I request the blessing of righteousness for ascension and to transform into my highest, holiest self.



I, as living energy by the blessing of heaven, and connection to the force of creation, through the gateway of light, am transformed.


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