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I Am - Meditation

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אני  יהוה  אדני  רבונו  שׂל  עולם  אמן 

Ani... Yod Heh Vav Heh Adonai... Ribbono Shel Olam... Amen.

Approximate translation= I am... Y H V H, Lord... Master of the Ages/Universe... in Truth (So be it).

As a form of devotion as well as empowerment as a co-creator of the universe and creator of your world; by bringing the light of the Divine within your self.

Imagine each word (with YHVH each letter name) - radiating as light from each sphere (Sepheroth 1-10) on the Tree of Life. Starting with 1. Kether (the Crown)... ending with 10. Malkuth (Kingdom).

Take some time to become familiar with all the aspects; then you will be able to keep them in consciousness as you pass through each one - working on multiple levels of your being:

1. Kether/Crown = Ani (I am)

2. Hokmah/Wisdom = Y (Yod: the Source into Existence)

3. Binah/Understanding = H (He: Light and Life force)

Note: The position of דעת Da'ath (=knowledge) is labled as אהיה AHYH (=I will be) remains silent  - but keep it in your consciousness as you pass through the Tetragrammaton (YHVH); this is more than just the statement of "I Am..." but a process of becoming; invoking the Light of the Higher Self or Light of Adonai (Lord) - "I will be what I will be" (AHYH AShR AHYH אהיה אשׂר אהיה). Having the Da'ath/Knowledge symbolize the "I will or shall be"/AHYH imbeds the manifestation of all the spheres of the whole mantra into your being and subconsciousness.

4. Hesed/Kindness = V (Vau: penetration and connection)

5. Gevurah/Severity = H (He: Light and Life force)

6. Tiphereth/Beauty = Adonai (Lord)

7. Netzach/Eternity = Ribbono (Master, as in Rabbi)

8. Hod/Splendor = Shel (of/over)

9. Yesod/Foundation = 'Olam (World/Universe)

10. Malkuth/Kingship = Amen (Truth/Faith; aka So be it/So it is... Soha)


You can use this audio track as support for meditation and for correct pronunciation and toning: Mix of Rawn Clark chanting (18x loop).

Also a Theta brainwave version: ANI-YH (Theta)

Seven Chakra version meditation:

Using the same intention as above with the Light of YH...

1. #7/Crown - Ani (I am)

2. #6/3rd Eye - Yod He (source of light into existance)

3. #5/Throat - Vau He (connected with life force)

4. (Thymus) - (silent) (AHYH "I shall be")

5. #4/Heart - Adonai (Lord)

6. #3/Solar Plexus - Ribbono Shel (Master of)

7. #2/Sacral - 'Olam (the World)

8. #1/Root - Amen (in Truth / it is so)


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