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Light of Akh Meditation

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Light of Akh Meditation

A meditation process for the five ancient Egyptian parts of the Soul.



Intro: Relaxation

Get into a position of comfort

Close your eyes

Go into a series of deep, full breathing cycles


Ren (Name):
Focus on your 'soull' name or a symbolic name or word or sound – one that identifies yourself along with your intent or goal.

Project this backwards in time and forwards in time – cycle this into a loop or circle (non-linear...). Ask for guidance and connection to this vibration.


Sheut (Shadow):
Project your breath into your aura or astral body, notice that which may arise out of your subconscious - accept what comes.

Imagine a shift between your physical body and your astral body – shift it out of phase - feel it seperate from your physical body; move it farther out... after awhile bring it back and then merge with what came from your subconsciousness, love that 'darkness' and let it go..


Ib (Heart/Intention):
Focus your attention within your heartspace (heart chakra)

Feel both your emotions and strength of will, expand the energy - this is where you place your intentions and motivation

Imagine it going lighter (in feeling, weight) as well as being and expanding in Light


Ba (Soul/Personality):

Focus within your Solar Plexus (middle stomach area) and your mind

Expand the definition of what you consider yourself or personality... and release...


Ka (Life-Energy):

Focus from the top of your head to your feet - bring white light around yourself

Then from within, from your chest, feel the spark of light and life and expand that outward... in gratitude...


Akh (Radiant/Eternal Light):
Combine the aspects of your Ba (soul) and Ka (spark of life)... imagine a symbol or color to represent these...

Open yourself to what you imagine your higher intellect, or higher self to be...

Imagine a pulsing, bright Light force... you are now a being of light energy eternal... cosmic...

Remain alert, calm, relaxed in this state...


When you feel complete, come back to full consciousness, but retain the feeling of enhanced being of Light.


The Nine Aspects

1. AKH - Eternal Light, Star, Shining One

2. KA - The Spark of Life energy

3. SAHU - Immortal body, embodiment of light

4. IB - The heart, intelligence, intention

5. SEKHEM - (will)power, bliss, energy

6. REN - The 'name' (true, soul name), sound/vibration; that which is perceived

7. BA - The Soul, 'personality'

8. KHAT - The physical body

9. SHEUT (aka KHAIBIT) - The Shadow self (re: Nordic Fylgja or 'fetch')


When the KHAT (body) dies, then the goal is that the KA and BA are combined - note it is via IB (the heart) - and if one passes the "Weighing of the Heart" and does not reincarnate, then one becomes an AKHU, a Neter (one of the gods), one of the stars, a "Shining One".




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