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Face of the Godhead

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The Hero’s Journey to the Face of the God-Head

A list of stories about the visionary or seeker that meets the godhead, or face (of the lord).

In the similar vein of the journey of Enoch/Enmeduranki’s ascension into heaven and being in the Presence of the Face (Countenance) of God, there are similar symbologies as an archetype in other stories and movies.

The machine pod (merkabah) takes Elle to the ‘center of galaxy’ (heaven) and meets alien (‘father’).
Dark City
John Murdock who has the Visitors ability to 'tune' - change reality - is taken to the core of the 'planet' (Head/Clock mechanism in central core controls and amps Psi energy).
The Matrix Revolutions
Mr. Anderson (human) is also Neo (the "One" - transhuman) is taken to meet the machine world ‘architect’ (it morphs into a head/face).
Mission to Mars
(Face on Mars; human's progenitors archived message and transport to another galaxy).
(structure on planet’s chamber has humanoid head - creator/engineer's image of humans).
Kal-El while at the fortress of solitude is given instruction by his father (Jor-El’s ‘face’ appears as a hologram).
Game inventor is transported into his creation - mission to go to the Master CPU.
Wizard of Oz
Dorothy goes to the Emerald City on a mission to meet the Wizard to gain gifts.
(Emerald City, wizard’s floating head)

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