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Journey of the Runes

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The metaphysical, personal evolutionary journey as symbolized by the Runes.

Rune Letterset# Evolve Stage
F 1.1 Begin with the stage of self-worth, power, resources; in order to survive and progress, one needs the resources.
U 1.2 Action, once one has resources, then one has motion - forward progress. Courage.
Th 1.3 Making progress takes focus, applied force, sometimes brings hardship. The beginnings of Karma.
A 1.4 Having passed the previous stage one develops wisdom, learns lessons. May even pass the wisdom to others.
R 1.5 Once wisdom is obtained - a journey begins - personal evolution. Change occurs.
K 1.6 With change comes illumination, realization of self and others - insights.
G 1.7 With realizations, one processes through reciprocity. gifting, exchanges.
W 1.8 with giving/recieving comes prosperity, also bliss, rewards.
H 2.1 Phase of reset - clearing, fresh start. Also may be an out-of-left field disruption; Karma.
N 2.2 Begins the dark night of the soul; death/transformation; endurance and persistance.
I 2.3 Time of stillness, reflection. Realizing the 'illusions' of the world.
Y 2.4 Cycle or phase; time to harvest what one has gained.
EI 2.5 Lessons gain strength, integrity.
P 2.6 Time of delving into the mystery, take risks.
Z 2.7 With taking risks comes protection, guides/guarding.
S 2.8 Positive actions and positive power brings success.
T 3.1 Experience brings judgment and discernment. Truths revealed or required/expected.
B 3.2 Healing brings growth, new start or outlook - revitalized.
E 3.3 Once healed, one can move forward and advance easier, quicker.
M 3.4 Intellect; sense of identity (self and others).
L 3.5 Delve into the dream world and subconsciousness. Master the subconscious, emotions, fears, etc.
NG 3.6 Having mastery of the subconscious and emotions brings stabilty and growth.
D 3.7 Stage of seeing the big picture, brings clarity. Completion and having come full circle.
O 3.8 End phase to the beginning of resources and just the self (ᚠ,F) - now it is having all that one has worked for and gained - but for the collective group/good.

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