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Transcendence movie symbology

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Transcendence (2014)

The movie Transcendence shows metaphores for personal and collective evolution and Ascension.


In reaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) the scientists say there is a state called "singularity" where its progress surpasses human development: Transcendence. This is the point where Ascension begins... going beyond the limit of the human status quo.

The super/quantum computer is named P.I.N.N. (Physically Independent Neural Network) - using the pattern from 2001: A Space Odyssey - where H.A.L. = I.B.M. (one letter shift up), PINN = OHMM (one letter shift down) - Ohm's law of Electrical resistance as well as the mantra OM/AUM.

Christ-like symbols:

  • Heals a blind man
  • Resurrects another man; who also lifts a 'T cross' (solar panel) - solar cross.
  • Collects workers (disciples)
  • Resurrects himself; then "Ascends" into the clouds, after a 'betrayal' and death/sacrifice.
  • Transformation occurs after unification; the golden marriage.

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