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Sounds of Light

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Sounds of Light

Seed sounds of enlightenment and power of the universe

The following is a partial compilation of sound and symbols used in various languages and cultures to represent the empowering source of universal connection and enlightenment.

A – The prime vowel in almost all languages/alphabets.
In Tibetan  is the seed for AUM (OM); also the element of Clouds/Space. encircled with the rainbow represents the Dzogchen, the Great Perfection - the rainbow light body.

In the Kabbalah it is the primal manifesting force, also the first element - Air ( א Aleph). The next emanation from the all/unknowable/infinite (Ain-Soph אין סוף); The Limitless Light (Ain-Soph-Aur אין סוף אור):  

Ain אין  The Void, No-Thing Singularity
Ain-Soph אין סוף Infinite, Endless, Limitless Black Hole
Ain-Soph-Aur אין סוף אור Infinite/Limitless Light White Hole/Quasar

Light manifestations:

Ain-Soph-Aur אין סוף אור Infinite/Limitless Light
Aur-Makiph אור מכּיף Surrounding/Outer Light
Aur-Pnimi אור פנימי
Filling/Inner Light

See: Aspects of the Infinite Light

A (  Ankh) - Egyptian: Eternal Life/The Breath of Life. The spark/source of life.

A source; device Øa (nothingness)
Κοσμος/encompassing-sky; 'air'
N Energy / Wave Øb (differentiated nothing)
Θεος/god/all-nothing; 'waters' מ
KH Matter / Particle ∂Øa,b (between nothing)
Τοπος/surface; 'earth' ת

Akh - Egyptian: An aspect joined in the afterlife of the BA (Soul) and KA (life spark); the eternal brilliant light.


Aakhu  - Egyptian: The Great Light; light of Ra/Horus; to be or become spirit.

A - (Ansuz): Rune for Odin, transmission, communication, breath, sound, Voice of the Universe.

HA - Hawai'i Huna: breath, or breath of life. A (Makani = Air)

AUM – also written as OM: Tibetan and Hindu. Sound of the Universe. Oneness.

AUR - אור (UR) - Hebrew: Light. Kabbalah: Primal energy+Penetrate+Head or Life-Source Connects to Cosmic Container. Archangel Uriel (אוראל - light of god), transmitted the language/letters of fire/light to Enoch/Metatron.

ASh א (ESh) - Hebrew: Fire

A.M.Sh. א מ (Aleph, Mem, Shin) – Hebrew/Kabbalah representing the three mother elements: Air, Water, Fire.

AMN – Semetic and Egyptian for Amen, Amon/Amun (god). Also later as "so be it/in truth".

EL - אל (Aleph Lamed) - Semetic (Hebrew, Arabic, Phoenician): Diety or Lord. Seed for Elohim אֱלֹהִים (gods/beings or powers of light), Allah  אלהא, Eloha אלוהּ, Elijah/Elias/Eliyahu אֱלִיָּהוּ.

YH - יה (Yod He) Kabbalah: Y (Into existance) + H (Light). Hebrew (Lord), short for YHVH יהוה; seed for Joshua  יהושע (YHVH is Salvation), Elijah אֱלִיָּהוּ (My Lord is YHVH). AHYH אהיה (I will be) - (source light/life into existance light/life).

IAO – Hawai'i Huna mantra for connection to higher states (similar to AUM). Also as in the vowels for YHV(H).

Om Ah Hum - ༀཨཧ Tibetan mantra of purification of body/speech/mind; deed/word/thought.

AO (ΑΩ) – Alpha and Omega. (Note in Greek HAO (η’αω): The Alpha and Omega. Corresponds to IAO).
Also note inscriptions on many Christ icon halos along with AO (αω)... o’On (ο’ων) 'Who/what Is')



Sound of blackhole B-flat 57 ocvates below middle C.

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