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Chakra Unity

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Core Light and the Single Chakra

A process one can do to move into the next evolutionary phase is to take control, responsibility, and enhancement of your chakra energy system.

Variious systems have anywhere from 7 to 12 or more chakras - but the goal here is to collapse any/all chakras into one unit. There are a few points to consider before attempting the process: 1) are you comfortable in the change in belief systems? If you think you are tinkering beyond your comfort level and are unsure you should wait to perform this 2) you need to be balanced and cleaned before hand (part one of the process).


  • Efficency - more easily managed
  • Strength - more powerful (less divided)
  • Less susceptible to psychic attack, drains and manipulation
  • Moves you into a higher level of being


  1. Use a method to clear and balance your chakras. It is suggested you do this a few times and for a period time before proceeding. Examples of methods are meditation with self-clearing, finding a practitioner that does energy work (Reiki, Energy balancing/healing, Shamanic. etc.) and have them clear and balance you.
  2. When you feel cleared and balanced, then proceed - do one more self clearing on each chakra from bottom to top.
  3. Use your intuition on where your Core Light resides, or will reside - usually this is the Crown area, Heart area, or maybe 3rd Eye area.
  4. Repeat this at each chakra: clean it, feel it energized, give thanks and gratitude for its service, then move the chakra light up to the Core and envision your Core light (whatever color it is) get brighter and larger each time. The power will increase exponentially each time.
  5. Then close out the chakra - leave a 'ghost/dummy' in that area - two reasons are that you can re-divert some Core Light there if you need to refocus that chakra energy (e.g. healers looking to work on it) - you don't need to tell anyone you have collapsed them, it's best you don't. The other reason is energy 'drainers' will look for them (usually the lower chakras) so the 'blank/dummy' chakras act like a decoy, they will have nothing to drain and your Core Light will be so strong as to either be undectable or too overpowering in high vibration.
  6. Once you have done the above steps for each chakra - meditate and 'breath' into your Core Light - expand it and make it grow.
  7. Occasionally over time repeat the above empowerment excercise.


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