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Mt. Kailash - origin of the pyramids

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Mount Kailash (Tibet)

Mt. Kailash (~sanskrit: Kelasa = crystal) is revered by four religions (Buddhist, Jainism, Hinduism, and Bon) as a most or the most sacred mountain. Attributed to the center of spiritual power, bliss, and liberation - Mt. Meru, Sumeru (Axis Mundi - the spiritual center and birthplace of the world). Pilgrms circumambulate the base of the mountain (minimum 13 times, devotees 108 times as one would with a mantra - to accelerate liberation to end reincarnation).

With the pyramidal shape and seemingly stepped sides and especially from the south face with its middle ravine - it appears much like many of the worlds pyramids with stepped stairways. With this mountain being a most ancient and sacred site contected with the power of enlightenment, it may preresent the forerunner or inspiration for the pyramid designs found all over the world (e.g. the largest so far is in Bosnia, several ancient ones are in China, still unexcavated).

Mt. Kailash China pyramid
Sun Temple Konark Bosnia (Sun) Pyramid
Teotihuacan Mexico - Temple of the Sun Tikal - Guatamala
Chichen Itza - Mexico Giza complex - Egypt


With the inspiration of recreating a place of power (Pyra=Fire Mid=middle) these artificial "mountains" are always associated with spiritual transformation or possibly even power generators (e.g. Giza Power Plant), such as the effects on objects as studied and replicated in Russian experiments with pyramids.

 MR or MER = "bright/shining; place of ascension; pyramid" - Meru.

Note also that Mt.Kailash is about only 1 degree (N31) of the same latitude of the Giza complex (N29.9).


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