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Passage into Transformation

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The Passage into Transformation

(The Way of the Dead)




This is the where proper state of mind and body must be taken. In essence the preparation is most like getting into an OBE state.


There is a point in which a deep sense of stillness is reached. Also known as the Void or All/No Time. Is it rich, but simple – you feel contained, alone as in the only thing in the universe, yet part of everything.


This could be considered the crossover phase, where your consciousness is out of the “normal” state of being and in the realm of the non-physical mind. You are most likely met by guide(s) at this stage. Before moving on, there may be an offer of a drink of some kind of fluid or token item of food.

Review, acceptance

It is optional, but common that the “past” is reviewed. What was important and what was not; a sense of objective, detached perspective. With detachment comes liberation and acceptance and release of the past.

Death of self/’others’

The final detachment and acceptance is the death of self, or the death and release of imposed definition of the self. Also, the release or death of others – which in essence is the release of other aspects of yourself as projected, or as archetypes.

Essence self (primordial self)

In the Void comes the ability and opportunity to come to know your true self, and what can be called your primordial self. That which gave rise your identity. The thought or quality that was the creation of your soul.



Energy Cleanse

At some point you will be guided to or given an opportunity to heal at a deep and energetic level. There is either an energy cleanse ‘shower’ or immersion/bath. Followed by a very healing rest.

Guide to the Edge

A guide or guides will assist you at various stages (welcome to the otherside, or to the cleanse). But before the next stage there is assistance by those called such terms as the Noble Ones, or Elders, to be guided to the edge of the galaxy/universe. A way-station before return to the soul-source (Blackhole, center of a galaxy, etc.)




Once taken to the ‘edge’, you enter into a stasis, a peaceful ‘nothingness’ much like the Void state – but less conscious, less ‘thinking’ - a light sleep. At this point you are a clear, clean energy pattern. Attendee(s) will process out your old ‘body’ as you are put into stasis – it is like a gel applied, an anointing – either a suspended animation or even a death/burial process.

Eternal Body

A view of your eternal light-body that has been in preparation for this moment in your evolution maybe revealed or activated. Sometimes there may be an attending object presented  - symbolic to you.

Re-creation (Future)

Further planning or education may take place. All in preparation for your next life phase.

Transformation (Evolution)

Depending on the next phase (reincarnation, ascension) whatever energies, information, new creation/vehicle is applied or activated and you are ‘launched’ into a vortex into whatever space/time or dimension the new energy is sympathetic towards.





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