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Astronomical Events for 2013

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Events to look for in 2013


2/15/2013 NEO 2012 DA14 Asteroid closest approach 0.09 Lunar Distance (34,596km).
2/18/2013 Cygnus X-3 Earth, Sun alignment with Cygnus X-3, large source of X-Rays, Gamma, and cosmic rays. wiki
3/2013 C/2011 L4 Comet Pan-STARRS (perhelion 3/10/2013) wiki
3/2013 C/2012 F6 Comet Lemmon (perhelion 3/24/2013) wiki
9 - 12/2013 C/2012 S1 Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) approaches inner solar system. To be brightest comet in centuries, maybe the return of the Great Comet of 1680. wiki
11 - 12/2013 BlackHole/Galactic Center Gas cloud to reach BlackHole at Galactic Center, exposed via X-rays. natgeo


2013 Eclipses

4/25/2013 Partial Lunar Eclipse
5/10/2013 Annular Solar Eclipse
5/25/2013 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
10/18/2013 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
11/3/2013 Hybrid Solar Eclipse

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