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Quantum States

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Quantum States and effect on the Dimensional Interface

Cubic Dimension

N0 = null/origin energy point

N3= next/’other-side’/higher energy point

I = portal access to inner dimension (if N0 state is ‘flipped’)
N0 can = 0 or 1 (0 +/- 1)

[quantum state… e=+/-MC2]

If N0=0 (Open/Void system portal)

If N0=1 (Active/generative system portal)

C (center) = Convergence or Interface point.



Quark type Elect. charge
up 2/3
charm 2/3
top 2/3
down -1/3
strange -1/3
bottom -1/3


Quantum States:

Of the possible combinations of quark charges the following are the primary states. Each state has only a set possible shift to another, neighboring state. These states determine the overriding mode of space/time interaction for the Dimensional Interface. As the state changes, so then the operational mode within that dimension (e.g. past, future etc.).

State Attribute Possible changes (shifts) Φ spin
-1 Reverse/Past/Reflection
(0,-1) Reverse spiral
0 All/No time; Open possibilities. The Void.
(0,-1,+1) *0 binary state
No/stop spiral
1 Present, Forward
(0,-1,+1) *1 binary state Forward spiral
2 Evolution/Change. Future. Probable Possibilities (>1)
(0,+1) Split/axis change


Cubic Dimension Quantum Shifts

State -1 State 0 State +1 State +2



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