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Thor movie symbology

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Thor movie Star-gate/portal symbology

Asgard and the Galactic Center:

Asgard, one of the Nine worlds, Home of the gods, shown as the/a galactic center.


Earth location “Puente Antiguo, N.M.” = Ancient Bridge


The Rainbow Bridge (Bifröst); Milkyway; bridge between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard (Heaven)


Guardian of the portal/bridge - Heimdallr (see Guardians of the Gate)

Research building:

Address “1001”:

  • two ends (1) of a portal (0)
  • 1001 binary = 9, the Nine Worlds.

Top neon sign/spire “Smith” = blacksmith, forger, metal worker or possibly miller, mallet, Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)

Neon sign design:

* = Stargate.

(Ior) rune for World/Sea Serpent (Jörmungandr)

(Hagalaz) 9th rune - for the Nine Worlds

Containment Area

Resting/landing place from portal of Thor’s Hammer

  Solar Cross - associated with power, lightening (Thor, Vajra, Axe of Perun, Sharur, swastika, etc.)


World/Sea Serpent (Jörmungandr) – Earth [ ] and ‘S’/serpent shape surrounding it. (During the batlle of Ragnarok, Thor slays the Jörmungandr; also the Jörmungandr is said to encircle the Earth and create change as well as protect/create boundary, when the circle is broken the world ends).

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