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The unifying and gathering together of minds - transmitting peace and awareness.

Imagine the synchronistic, simultaneous connection to all your other selves spanning Space/Time. At this connection and unity of mind and purpose – send powerful blessing and awareness to become the full, true self (Buddha nature) within that being. Then as it expresses that nature it broadcasts and develops, inspires that nature in those around it its presence.

During a meditation, the bliss extended through a portal (e.g. antahkarana, galactic center etc.) into the rest of the universe. It found its way to all other lives/selves… first a teacher/story teller on another planet, that then became multi-aware, the same state as I. Then he became a Buddha and sent energies of blessings and awakenings to those around him. Next was a leader warrior, as he became one in consciousness he dropped his spear. Those looking up at him on the hill were in amazement and followed suit due to respect and laid down their weapons. Next was a bluish amorphous life form that vibrated its energy through its semi-liquid environment, causing others in its wake to glow in white, gold, blue colors. Another scene was a connection to a young woman in a desolate, desert area. She took up with other women to confront the warring men and stood up en-mass despite the risk… they would not open fire on them, only this stand would bring peace.

After repeating this process, more unconsciously of the other lives by this point, but feeling the connections and a state of total, simultaneous unity; a steady state of bliss and everything/nothing was in mind. A powerful charge of empowerment, total unity, inspiration and hope spread out from my heart-space.


BEK 8/28/2012

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