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Pineal Activation

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The Pineal Gland, located in the center of the brain, has such properties as: being light sensitive/aware (even though it has no exposure to optical input (possible an evolutionary 'throwback' - it may have once been an external organ?), and having a crystaline structure that enables it to be a 'wireless' transceiver.


It has been thought by many various traditions over time to be the 'seat of the soul' and the key to enlightenment. Associated with the '3rd eye'. Its symbol as a cone-shape or pine cone is found in ancient and Renaissance art, culture, architecture and religion.

There are many inferences regarding anointing oil or substance related to the 'pine cone'/pineal - from Sumerian, Egyptian, to Christian.



Health and Diet:

One aspect that greatly determines the factors to Pineal sensitivity and full function is it's health. Diet and toxicity (e.g. Flouride reportedly causes calcification, unknown effects of GMO's, pollutants etc.) can have adverse and retrograde effect on its ability to tune and activate.

Sound frequency as an activation tool:

Although meditation is key to its activation, a large part is a purported sound frequency - partly as a catalyst, but also reported as being heard when the pineal has been activated or stimulated. This may be associated to various experiences such as spontaneous triggered effect, deep meditation, sound (e.g. tibetan bowls, binaural-beats/Hemi-Sync), DMT etc.

Reverse engineering, so to speak, the frequency is close to G#5 - A#5 range (~800-900Hz). However, it also maybe that the tone is different for everyone. Without a sample from a control study group it would be harder to determine.

Based on my own estimate from a year apart the tone has changed - so it maybe an individual subjective thing or may increase in frequency over time. It may be just the effect of the tone and a person's ear canal resonance.

A few constant effects were noted at close to a F#4 (~360-370Hz) and F#5 (~720-740Hz). The important part is that the gland is enhanced or at least 'ignited' and the subsequent tone effect is heard.

Clues to the application and possibly even the frequency can be found in mystical art and symbols:


3rd eye 'beaming'. Osiris the 'Star-Walker' The Christos (the annointed aka pineal gland substance/oil).
Note how the icons halo targets the 3rd eye/pineal center.
The greek letters may even denote the activation frequency:
ο'ων (70+800+50=920)
η'Α Ω (8+1+800=809)


Using a blend of special Binaural Beats the Pineal Activation can be recreated and applied to enhance meditation and 'kick-start' the Pineal Gland into a more activated mode - stepping oneself up into a more enlightened state of consciousness. Some effects, beyond hightened intuition, are '4d' like perceptions, 'tunneling' through space/time.






Freq. Table:

Frequency(Hz) Wavelength(cm) description sample
808 42.69 Η + Ω / 3rd eye stimulation

809 42.64 η' Α + Ω (the Alpha and Omega)
920 37.5 ο'ων (inscription on halo.. 'Who/what Is')
Single freq.  Layered

Meditation Track for Pineal Activation (based on 809hz).

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