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Stellar Energy and DNA

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This is a supposition that the Sun or local stellar energy affects and determines DNA expression, evolution and development.

DNA as a transceiver is effected by Solar states – epochal and generational (e.g. Solar flares, sun spot cycles). DNA is also interactive with light/photons.

Changes to DNA, current or ‘dormant’ can be effected by other sources such as Gamma ray bursts or Galactic Center super-waves. Evolutionary changes may have been caused by such bursts in the past - a double-edged sword of possible extinction or mutation towards evolution.

Another method of change would be to focus energy from other stars to effect activating locally-dormant DNA. Pyramid alignments within time frames to certain stars (e.g. α Drac, Sirius) would alter or enhance or combine elements to the DNA of the subject.


An advanced intelligence may transmit/transport DNA as a way to travel or populate other systems - Panspermia; direct (via carft or beam, or indirect via comet/asteroid). Rather than even transmit material, it might be advantagous to just transmit 'instructions' to distant material to generate and create the effect. Either DNA was dispersed by another form of intelligence, or created by them; then what created them? - unless they were energetic or non-carbon based life forms. However, any DNA transfer to another system would be overlaid by the local star; native evolution would be different as opposed to relocated DNA (regenerated or hybrid).

DNA itself maybe an evolved, intelligent life-form; something ‘omnipresent’, bio-independent, and self-replicating. Whether it is a local galactic development or universal is still to be seen.




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