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Mapping the Realms

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Mapping the Realms of Focus 34/35, 42, and 49 - The Objects and Ultra-Intelligences in the Starlines Levels

After leaving the consciousness levels of Focus 27 and Earth Core, approaching the level of 34/35 that Bob Monroe called "The Gathering" is a point where human consciousness interaction with other Intelligences can become very challenging. Beyond the physical realm and into what can be termed Extra, if not Ultra-Terrestrial, non-verbal communication and translation of symbols and archetypes is the common ground. Right-brain focus is primary for this communication - at this point we are beyond language and local culture.


Focus 34/35 Intelligences:

There does seem to be a collection or gathering point of various beings and intelligences at this level (most likely other beings at thier own extra-consciousness states). There at first appears a large grouping that then narrows down to a one-on-one interaction. This maybe a distillation of consciousness, an 'ambassador', or possibly be your own mirror-self within that state (one of your I-There's at that level). There is usually some level of communication or at least greeting, sometimes a sharing or 'trade' of perception or experience.

The Realms of Focus 42 and 49:

Here we have entered the Starlines levels of the I-There and I-There Clusters, and access to the Galactic Center Stargate. This journey is really an exploration of the Universe by going inward. Common 'objects' at this level are encountered. A caveat that this is very subjective, so for example your collective may appear as a house, tree, or other symbol; note the important thing is looking for the archetype in your experience.

Galactic Core Field - A dimensional portal of interphasing geometric fields. Although in other systems, such as Earth where a Dodecahedron is prominent, based on the appearance of the cube in the Starlines levels, the GC may be a cube/octahedron.


Objects in Focus 42/49:

The Cube - Sometimes emits; floating/rotating; point of entry; place that ‘messages’ are delivered to (e,g, Earth Core/Galactic Core); Representing a particular Dimension or Existence. Sometimes enter inside. Once referred to as the "Theater of Creation" - a collective consciousness creation or simulation area.
The Ring - Possibly represents the border or vortex between energy systems. Usually is in combination with the Cube or Tubes (or both).
The Tube/matrix - A type of cluster of crystal tubes or matrix that beams healing energies (and/or information). Also related to an experience in Lifelines - Healing & Regeneration Center.
The Sphere - Usually a geometrical-patterned sphere, representing the Collective (I-There).
Orb/Portal of Light - Sometimes there is a complex Orb surrounded by other lights that may represent something quite different than the Sphere. Intense, feeling of awe, even an intelligence of sorts. Might be another manifestation of the Collective, but has a 'portal' feel to it.
The Transmitter - Not always seen or noticed, but appears to be like an 'antenna' (a tower, beacon, obelisk etc.) that assists in projecting to and from other realms. This may be a staging device or mnemonic to aid in anchoring one-self in and out of an astral plane.


See Starlines II

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