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Three Aspect Heart

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The Three Aspect Heart

The New Heart and the Core Light Being - The transformation, or gift of the ‘3-chambered heart’.

Part of a gift and transformation from Starlines and the transfers from Earth Core and a Dimension Portal/Stargate was a remodling or 'transplant' of a "new heart" (non-physical), an extra "chamber" for portal access (?). Although this was called a "heart" it was not quite the same as the heart or heart chakra. What follows is a research into possible parallels.

3-aspect or sectioned energy placed in above the heart, below the throat (from here on it is referred to as a ‘heart’ but it is not the physical heart or the heart/5th chakra).

Location of the Core Light or Core Being energy. This is one location of the Core Light after condensing, or collapsing the chakras into your Core Light. Other locations can be the heart, 3rd eye or Crown areas.

3 beams for portal access/creation:

  1. Core-heart (energy generation)
  2. 3rd-eye (focus of intent)
  3. 8th chakra - the soul or ‘home’ star. (other dimension access, out-of-time)



  • Possible parallel to heart+thalamus ?


  •   Similar to Anahata chakra (love, empathy, devotion). 
  • Anahata Nad = “unstruck sound”, sound of the celestial realm.


  • The ‘Heart Wheel’ – the indestructible red & white drop.
  • Mantra = verbal, mental, inside heart to the central channel – a clear light (to the heart).
  • 3 aspects of the Buddha wheel = mind, speech, body
  • 3 Gates or Doors (Sgo Gsum):
    1.  ༀ Om/crown/body/deed
    2.  ཨ A/throat/speech/word
    3.  ཧ Hum/heart/mind/thought
  •   The ‘Fire Wheel’ – above the heart, below the throat.  (3) Humanity, Heaven, and Earth.
  •   Triad, three-aspects and ring of presence/influence; Banner of Peace.  Shambhala.
  •   Antahkarana – Ancient healing and meditation symbol. The Antahkarana as a part of spiritual anatomy. It is the connection between the physical brain and the Higher Self. It is this connection that must heal and develop if we are to grow spiritually. 


3 horizontals at the heart:

  • Left=Qalb, the mystic heart
  • Right=Ruh, spirit, center breath of Allah
  • Center (Secret)=Sifr, ~solar plexus; Inner most heart – heart of the heart, Allah manifests his mystery


  • Middle Dantian (one of three), the middle transforms Qi (chi, energy) into Shen (Spirit).


  • Sephiroth: דעת - Da’ath (knowledge); unification of all sephiroth / Divine Light and Intellect; It corresponds to the Tzelem Elohim (the "image of God embedded in Humanity") and to the cerebellum (i.e. the "posterior brain").

Note: Location of Hindu Bindu chakra (back of the head) – associated with creation and unity; Bindu fluid is produced that can become either the nectar of immortality, or the poison of death; also described as "the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state". Parallel with the Pineal gland.

  • Da’ath equivalent chakra would be between the throat (Binah-Chokmah) and the heart (Geburah-Hesed); "Thymus/Center-heart".


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