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The Collective

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The Collective (I-There Cluster)

Evolution of the Total Self

All collective soul parts, known in TMI as the I-There, have a metaphorical and maybe closer link to Galaxies. As the soul maybe related to star evolution, then the cluster/collective maybe related to a galaxy or the I-There cluster (aka Soul Groups) to Galactic Clusters.

Given at least an ‘astral location’ then there can possibly be a physical corresponding locale.
As one can collect lost/missing aspects of themselves (discovery or soul-retrieval), then the I-There may also look for its ‘missing’ part (you in local space/time). Either as a way to collect and integrate an aspect, or to further evolution (Collective Transcendence); in the end, eventually the same result. Appearance may come in various archetypes, or as guides or light-energy, or as a ‘UFO’ encounter.

The Interface: a ‘portal’ to access the dimensional space/time to your Collective.

The Galactic locale: the point or representation of your Cluster.

Helpers of the In-Between: In a death/transition the stream of consciousness is unbroken. It may be altered compared to what we are familiar with in the physical plane, or there may be some adjustment period. However, during this phase there have been seen ‘helpers’ during the transition; this may be different for others and there may even be different types or ‘races’ that handle such tasks in this realm. But in this case what has been observed are blue skin/or suited being(s) attending the ‘body’, as in preparation (a ‘gel’ applied) and then sometimes a light or later put into a 'wall-slot' or container as in some type of suspended animation.  The next phase is where the ‘soul’ is sent out to a celestial object (edge of the galaxy, center, or a black hole). This is where the crux of the matter appears evident: we are born and die via the white/black-hole system – they are ports of entry/exit. In the overall view the galaxy is a greater symbol of the collective souls (I-There and I-There Cluster) of the greater self (Star).

Soul evolution: Black-Hole / White-Hole and Galactic Cores… the source and destination of our souls. Transference between I-There clusters would be equivalent of galactic core ‘jumps’ via the intergalactic portal system. Universal evolution is our evolution; what then of other dimensions… levels of other consciousnesses?...




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