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Opening of the Way

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Opening of the Way - The Neo-Heart and the Heart of the Galaxy

Part of becoming your Total Self is aligning your heart-space to the heart of the galaxy. Beyond defining your heart as your core self/core-light-being, is some process or element of a change or new heart – a neo (changed, modified) heart. This seems to go in hand with a lightened heart or healed heart (phase 1), but another step altogether in which the heart-space is enhanced, or replaced, or what I can only describe as a ‘triple’, three-chamber or three-aspect heart. This appears to be a prerequisite to the connection/tunnel/portal ability or tuning to the galactic core – the portal opening – the Opening of the Way.

When you cross Space/Time to collect your lost or forgotten aspects of yourself – after the healing takes to your core-self, there is a time when your heart-space energy is replaced (upgraded?). This allows further evolution of your self – now becoming more that what you where. There seem to some clues to this in other symbolisms and mythologies, ancient and modern. I had not noticed any correlation to the ‘three’; however there may be a connection to Gnostic and Cathar alchemical symbols of (wood/ or “the Word”, the fifth essence or quintessence ). There is further connection to this being called a cluster of grapes (or blue stones/apples); there is a much further connection to the total-self/soul groupings and galaxies (e.g. I-There and I-There clusters of the souls from Bob Monroe and TMI programs Starlines and Starlines 2).

In the Egyptian mythology there is the journey to the underworld where the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

Horus pictured here with his UAS staff (the opener/tuner) and the serpent energy around the stargate/door.


There are other parallels in Sumerian and Gnostic references to ‘gateways to the gods’. Not only is the Galactic Center (Mother Sun, Central Sun, the Black Sun) mentioned as the birthplace of souls, the anti-center is mentioned as the exit point of souls. There is a similar entry/exit points in other mythologies located on the Earth (e.g. ‘Shiprock’/Tsé Bit'a'í - Navajo; Xibalba – Mayan; Puerta de Hayu Marka/Amaru Meru - Pre-Incan Peru).

Other such references point to a changed heart before proceeding or having the ability to ‘transfigure’ or possibly ‘ascend’. There is a parallel with the Tibetan “Fire Wheel” – located between the throat and heart centers – a connection of the self, heaven and earth.

Other, more modern references may be speculative, but they provoke noticing:

  • Doctor Who (1966>) – a Timelord, the race from Gallifrey has two hearts that has some bearing to the ability to regenerate (reincarnate) and travel Time.
  • IronMan (2008) – The character Tony Stark, previous to inventing and dawning a new ‘shell/body’ (read as ‘light-body’), gets a new, atomic-powered heart.
  • Terminator-Salvation (2009) – The soon to be rebel leader against the Terminator machine society, John Conner (J.C.) gets a new, superior, heart (transplant).

EMF generated by the heart - sends wave forms though the body's cells influencing synchronicity and creates a stronger electric field than the brain.


The Fields and connection between the Brain/Mind and Heart Intelligence. It is the Heart that is a generating center - the Brain is the interface with the environment/universe - the higher mind is the transcendent guide. 

Also, in Quantum field research, there is the 3 encircling particle fields – a 3-layered, 4-D Torus (Tordial Space), This has parallels with the above 3-heart / cardiac torus E.M. field; also note in the movie Contact (1997) with the portal machines 3-rotating rings creating a wormhole (that in essence sends the person to the “center of the galaxy").

In the microcosm-macrocosm parallel the evolution of the soul, birth/death cycle is matched in the evolution into a light being of creative potential (stars) and the group soul (galaxies) and the super-net of galactic clusters equivalent of a neural net.

The Galactic Core, (or other galaxy or galaxy cluster): If a super blackhole is at each (most) galactic centers, it would not be surprising if it is a combo of a black and white hole (see Hunab Ku below). In the evolution of the soul as a cosmic element then the blackhole/G.C. represents the birth/death ‘door’.

I-There and I-There clusters: In the terminology of Robert Monroe, founder of TMI, each life expression is part of a greater, group of other lives/souls. The goal of totality is becoming aware of this “I-There” vs you-here, then recovering these lost aspects of (total) self. Then merging these is then connected to other I-There’s as I-There Clusters. It is believed that once the clusters are merged they ‘disappear’ into another level of dimension (another stage in evolution). Access to these states of consciousness is explored in Focus Levels 42 & 49 in such TMI programs as Starlines 1 and 2.

As stated by an ‘ultra–other intelligence’: “…we do not know where it ends” in referring to evolution - of the various possible combinations of social belief systems, life forms, technical and mental states etc.

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