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Resources in Focus 27

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Using the Resources and Experiences of Focus 27

Review of Focus Level 27

The consciousness state of F27 is where in later years after doing his explorations Bob Monroe discovered what he called “The Park”. The “Reception Center” was the place souls would be welcomed into the ‘other side’, assisted by non-physical beings or helpers. F27 is beyond the levels of 24-26 – the Belief Systems territories. F27 is utilized in programs beginning with Starlines 2.

Here is the TMI definition of Focus 27:

"Focus 27 is the Afterlife area of greatest free will choice for its inhabitants. It's an area created by humans and often resembles physical earth environments. Contact and communication is open between all inhabitants. Many people living in Focus 27 provide assistance to new arrivals in their adjustment to living in the Afterlife. It is a highly organized and structured area. There are Centers of activity here providing for the needs of human beings in their continuing development in the Afterlife. In my explorations, I've found Centers for: Education, Life Review, Health and Rejuvenation, Planning, Scheduling, Rehabilitation, Humor, and many others. These Centers also coordinate activities in the physical world to assist in human development."

You can call the areas of F27 as like thought created ‘structures’ – everyone has a different imagining of the various ‘places’, but they all have a similarity. Such as the Reception Center appears as a hospital, hotel, or airport lobby; it is a borderland zone into this consciousness realm. But as you visit and revisit these areas they strengthen and become more palpable. You can add and create in this space and it will be there when you return.

Uses and Resources

The area of F27 is the in-between lives realm. There is what I see as two main functions here: 1) area of reception of souls and their acclimation and healing and 2) life review and planning.

In Lifelines as you do the soul retrievals (for others as well as yourself), there is the assistance of you and helpers/guardians/’angels’ for the soul energy to reach the “Reception Center” – bringing them to the Light. You might assist them to the ‘door’ or their own guides may take over at that point. Some may not want to go ‘all the way’ at this time. What I noticed was the care given to the ‘passed’ as they would match the situation and environment to what the person could understand and what would make it the easiest for them. For example one woman had died in a hospital and she did not know she had passed and was still in a bit of discomfort and was waiting for the doctor. The guides came in as doctors and nurses and calmed the woman’s soul by taking her to a nice room, with a bed for rest and told her “loved ones” would be coming to see her. They told her to take a nice shower and rest (the shower being an energy-beam ‘bath’).

You can take advantage of the guidance gained from the Planning and Education centers – places that can be used for this and ‘next life’ planning. Guidance can come from your "Council" that could be any combination of guides, other-higher-selves, ultra-intelligences (more on this in another article). One process experienced was seeing how one is prepared and ‘assembled’ (aspects, knowledge, etc.) for entry into the Earth Life System – there was a kind of a ‘pod’ that was ‘dropped’ into a vortex back into what would be a birth into the physical plane.


You can take yourself in F27 to a Healing center and get various ‘showers’, ‘baths/immersions’, and ‘beamings’ for deep, soul level and emotional as well as physical healings. It is actually these type of experiences that kept me coming back to TMI programs. They have been some of the most life changing experiences that I am always grateful for. Another point to be stressed here is the healing and reclamation of the Total Self in having retrievals of other lost parts of yourself – an extremely moving, powerful, and emotionally healing experience; probably the most intense I have had to date. Types of healings have been labeled as: An Ultimate Healing, an "Ancestral DNA" healing, particle-beam showers (also see SPA in Starlines II); other healings are sometimes preceded by an offering from a being/guide of a food or liquid before proceding on the journey (an act of initiation or preparation).

A good stopping point of interest is “Your Special Place” in F27… this is your own creation. Think of it as your own private cabin, castle in the ‘other-realm’. It can be a place of rest and refuge as well as en embarking point to other areas; a kind of pit stop for the soul.

In Exploration 27 and Starlines there are opportunities to visit the TMI-There Crystal, and to go to Earth Core. At Earth Core it is interesting to notice the changes over time as well as the perception of it in different focus levels (e.g F15 vs F34/35). There seems to be a fair consensus that there are ‘guardians/sentinels’ around the crystal at Earth Core. At different times depending on what is going on above EC the energies and change in appearance/energy of the EC Crystal is noticeable.

In Starlines F27 and Earth Core are somewhat a launching point into Focus 34/25 and Focus 42 (and 49 in Starlines 2). Another article will touch on the realms of these levels.





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