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Core Light

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Your Core Light or Light Body Development

For the most part everyone is generating at any time thier own bio-energetic field. The body itself has its electromagnetic field (EMF), also known as the auric field. The brain's neurons operatate with its own electric system. The heart generates an EMF.

But few get to the point of actualy 'firing up' thier Light Body or maybe the same or very related is thier Core Being of Light.

At the point the pineal gland is de-calcified and activated, this ignites the fuse for enhancing the Light Body. There are many esoteric traditions of the Body of Light, the Garment or Cloak of light, or also is refered to as the Rainbow Body.

  Tibetan 'A' (Aum/Om) - symbol of the Rainbow Body.

The main point here is that using the process of personal healing, "the work" - aka "the Great Perfection" (Dzogchen), and becoming a transpersonal being, the evolution of your being also entails enhancing your Light.

As your energy is healed and cleansed of past issues and raised integrity, the next phase is energizing your "Core", this is your Total Self in combination with igniting your Core Light. Personal responsability and empowerment over your energy, evolution and hence destiny.

Research of the last few decades has shown that the body has a field (e.g. Kirlian method), as well as cells and DNA emit and store photons. Although here I am focusing on beyond regular, physical light. The ability for DNA to store and transmit energy/light plays a key role in health, cancer, and nutrition.


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