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Guide to Being Timeless

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Guide to Being Timeless - A primer for accessing the Total Self

This is an overview for the processes to bring yourself into moving your consciousness into becoming a timeless being. There are basically two main phases – the first is a discovery and healing phase, then a redefinition and integration phase that will lead you to a more total self of empowerment. Although there are many methods and practices that apply to the different phases, you may of course use them or find new ones, it is important to “do the work”, especially at the early phase. Note that I will reference “other selves” and not past lives as that is linear thinking; you have access to your “future” self as well.

Processes to become Timeless: 

•    Access to other, higher selves/across time
Here is where you utilize tools to help access your other selves, and gain a sense of being in the state of All Time/No Time (e.g. TMI’s Hemi-Sync Focus Level 15). At this point of consciousness is where you can have the space and resource to do the rest of the work.

•    Healing parts
Being able to move on depends greatly on healing at different levels. There are a few stages of healing: one is a 'triage' - healing immediate concerns/issues (trauma etc.), the next is personal work, then global and universal levels. A state of timelessness gets you access to all dimensions of yourself. Once you have access to your other selves, you can begin healing what is needed to produce your Total Self. It does not always mean having to know the details of every instance, but accessing the energy itself with intention can be enough. Before you integrate you want to heal those instances - lighten the load so to speak. Most major issues are other-life related; either unhealed, unremembered from before or an issue brought forward to be resolved in the present. A part of this process is also known as a Soul Retrieval, however it is done on other aspects of yourself.

•    Total Self/Integration
As you go through the processes you integrate these aspects into your present-time self, and therefore heal and make more whole (holy) your Total Self. This is to assist bringing your totality into your present, operating consciousness. In part of setting your intention it is important you want to integrate only the knowledge and power of your highest-selves in these other parts. Bringing a piece that may have been the ignorant or say bigoted part of you will cause issues that is outside or your goal; acknowledge these lessons, thank them for the learning experience and let them go. As you bring in these other selves you have access to the knowledge and lessons gained.  Your “future self” has been there and done that – so take advantage of it. As you can inform and heal your “past” self, your “future” self can do the same for you in the present “local” time. Further along is a point that you can co-exist or integrate other consciousnesses (see Unification).

•    Redefinition of Self
In these steps above, and you will cycle between them as you gain more of your “lost” or submerged selves you will re-assess what it means to be “you” – are you really just a (insert race, gender, species etc. here)?. This is a gain you receive and will propel you forward in evolution. A repeated redefinition and adjustment/expansion of your belief systems is what will get you into an accelerated evolution of being.

•    Detachment
A result of part of the process is you will hit different plateaus along the way and one is an ever increasing level of detachment. You will be less invested, manipulated, and outside of the drama. This leads to not creating more karma, as well as the healing leads to removal of karma (see Recapitulation). This enables you to move into the Zen or Buddha state of Impermanence and Liberation (no attachments - desire or fear).

•    Empowerment
With detachment there is more self empowerment. With yourself becoming more whole, you are more than a mere fragment of your formal self. As the detachments increase you are outside of the games and dramas of man-made arbitrary, non-transitory creations. All that remains is the power of unconditional love, and that what is timeless and the transitory things of the current world are just that. As you access beyond time and the “in-between” lives you acquire the perspective of what is really important – the rest is extraneous. Don’t sweat the small stuff, there are no mistakes other than not learning from them. 

•    Issues/Implications
A couple of caveats to mention about the process - be careful of what you ask for – it may come about in unexpected ways or have an unforeseen impact. One is mentioned earlier – make sure your intention is on only bringing in the higher aspects of your other selves.

Energy levels can get run down due to just not being used to running these processes, especially in the beginning. Give yourself time to integrate.

The other main issue is as you detach further, you may drop things that you swore you might never, things that you defined yourself with, and this is actually a good thing. You cannot move forward with clinging to the past, nostalgia, or old habits. The very definition of redefinition requires that you honestly reassess and change, otherwise what is the point. As this detachment progresses you will get to a point where you no longer culturally identify with your environment. This can be somewhat disconcerting at first, but is then very liberating. You will go beyond the current cultural trends and trivia; this may be somewhat socially awkward for a period as those around you won’t “get it” – where you are coming from. Of course you will gravitate to those of more like-mind. But be aware that the percentage of population that is focused on personal evolution is small and it can get lonelier as you move forward, but however hopefully this is changing and the more that do the more it leads to a tipping point in evolution for everyone.

You will over time, after a few ups and downs (3 steps forward, 1 back), reach a new plateau where the changes will 'lock-in' and become permanent. Then the next progression can begin once you have integtrated it. Synchronicity will bring the next step or opportunity when appropriate.

Tools and Resources:

The Monroe Institute residential programs, starting with Gateway Voyage and for this process especially Timeline, Lifeline, Exploration 27.
There are also Hemi-Sync audio tracks such as “Exploring Other Lives”, “Gateway Experience series”, or other meditation titles that can assist the process.

Unlimiting yourself processes, meditations, or affirmations:
•    You can perform meditations with the intention of accessing or activating other potential in your DNA.
•    Also, depending on your beliefs, an intention and process to remove any implants intended to keep yourself from reaching your full potential.
•    There is also a process for total self-empowerment to change your chakra system away from the status-quo/limited/separated one – note this requires a special process (collapsing system into unity/core) and is only intended for those ready for it, many do not feel comfortable doing this since it is a break in a major belief system, but is ultimately empowering.
•   Another method for self-healing and removing karma is Recapitulation. You can research this and pick your own method. Basically this is a process where you revisit your relationships and interactions and acknowledge your actions and ask for forgiveness (within yourself or in person if so inclined) and to let go. Detachment is a large part of being able to go beyond self-definition and move into Liberation (Buddhist/Zen-state).

Most of this beyond time and integration process is on a mental, psychological and emotional level. A whole other personal evolution subject that operates on an energetic, physics level is the developing your Core Light or the Light Body.


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