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NanaCea tm

Patty McPeak Superfood Products

Totaly natural, Vegan (Free of Gluten, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Dairy...). Highest content for Antioxidents. Fantastic counter-agent to GMO, pesticide-laden food.

Feed your body & soul! Strongly reccommended for those activating thier Light Body or Pineal Gland.


Belfiore Orders

Manna NanaCea Manna

24/7 Meal Replacement 24/7 Meal Replacement

LiverCea LiverCea - strengthen liver

NanaFlex NanaFlex

CeaZyme CeaZyme Digestive Enzymes

ProBee Biotic ProBee Probiotic

Quantum Colloidal Minerals Quantum Colloidal Minerals

Q-SUPER OXY - Stabilized Oxygen Q-SUPER OXY - Stabilized Oxygen

Quantum Minerals Quantum Minerals™

SilverCea Spray SilverCea Spray

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Core Light workshop




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