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Tron:Legacy symbols

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TRON II: Legacy (2010)

Sequel to the movie TRON (1982) starring Jeff Bridges. Multiple other Sci-Fi movie themes and symbols are used, such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, the Matrix, Batman, Blade Runner, etc.


Light-ring (program disk/chakra – placed on body)
Body/Light-suit, Light-Ship, Light-Cycle
Feed/recharge on Energy streams

Portal (between worlds, change in ‘time’/reality)
Grid (matrix)/ ‘Game’ board
1 hr on the Grid = 1 minute in ‘real’ world (60:1) (Sumerian 60 count)

ISO’s the perfect(ed) beings (Neter, Shemsu Hor); glyph = Ankh


Quorra (the last ISO)

Journey to the place of the father/creator/god (e.g. Epic of Gilgamesh)

Flynn (creator’s) mountain home (Olympus)
Creator/creation of own world/reality

Flynn’s Hideout = ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ hotel room (white/light grid)

Flynn’s shadow self (CLU = LUC.), integrates self at the end; sacrifices/releases his
‘Identity’ (program disk)


Zuse (light-stick/cane) = Zeus/Jupiter (lightning bolt)
Zuse’s End of Line (EOL) club (tower) = the smashed ‘tower’


Tron (disks) = Nike (goddess of Victory, ring/disk)

Through the portal together (Masc. & Fem.): Human/Sam Flynn (son of the creator) & Perfect Being/Quorra (ISO)

Ending = Sun (son) Rise [Note a similar ending theme here with Blade Runner, the hero & other-being female escape/shown into a natural setting/world.]

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