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These short meditations utilize a special binaural-beat formula - do not use while driving or operating devices that require full attention. Use RIght-click the link to save the download (otherwise it will stream from site).


Heartwave (30:25) - Heartcenter frequency 80.91Hz (E2 based on 432Hz tuning). Meditational use for enhancing the Heart ELF, strengthening, clearing. Delta and Theta over surf sounds.


Sacred Sites (30:00) - Most ancient, sacred sites are reported to resonate 95-120Hz, 112Hz being common. This is a 3 octave sweep at 112 with phased white noise background.


Heart/3rd Eye/Crown (20:16) - Rife frequencies for these chakras.


DayOutofTime/Rainbow (18:00) - A guided meditation, created for the Mayan "Day out of Time", but use it any time, especially good for groups.


Pineal Activation (18:10) - Unique tones that first are to tune the 3rd Eye, then a series of special '3D' frequencies to help activate the Pineal center.


The Great Invocation - revised (12:33) - A speclal rendition, gender neutral, using Tibetan background sounds; use for meditation, affirmation, and for clearing sacred space.


Delta-Sleep (short ver.) (16:16) - Transitions to deeper levels of Delta frequencies to support relaxation, healing, sleep under  a background of phasing white-noise-surf.


Gate 3x9 (07:59) - A Mantra from the Heart Sutra.   "Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Soha". [to go, go way beyond, into perfected/transcendant wisdom, so be it.]. Three iterations with Om Hrim, repeated nine times.


OmAhHum (5:26) -   Mantra of Blessing - Master Lama mix. The three aspects: mind, body, speech; Purification on what we say, do, and think. Explaination and meditation can be found here.



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  Palenque Transfiguration Tones (57:00) - Guided meditation, based on codes from Palenque for Light-Body preparation. (CD $5 / MP3 $3)


  Cosmic Heart (31:11) - Special frequencies used for connecting your core light to the heart of the cosmos. (CD $5 / MP3 $3)


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